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The December 2013 Antipodes features cover art by James Barker  and articles by Yunqiu Liu (on Tim Winton), Michael Buhagiar (on Christopher Brennan), Fiona Duthie (on Elliot Perlman), Michael Titlestad (on the Batavia wreck), Natasa Kampmark (on translating Patrick White), Helen Gildfind (on Eleanor Dark), Therese-Marie Meyer (on the Tasmanian bush and fiction), Ali Alizadeh (on Lionel Fogarty), Martina Horakova (on Kim Mahood), and Lars Anderson (on Gerald Murnane).


The June 2013 Antipodes is a special issue on Australia and the 1960s, guest edited by Mark Klemens. The issue includes cover art by George Matoulas; articles by Michael Ackland (on Christina Stead), Toby Davidson (on Francis Webb), Caterina Colomba (on Thomas Keneally), Brenda Machosky (on Iris Milutinovic), Colin Dray (on Gwen Harwood), Richard Pascal (on F. B. Vickers), Sean McMullen (on Australian science fiction), and Janice Shaw (on Frank Moorhouse); the issue also includes fiction by John Kinsella and creative nonfiction by Ouyang Yu (on Mo Yan's Nobel Prize) and Brendan Ryan (on John McGahern); the poets featured in the issue include Ali Alizadeh, Joe Dolce, Michael Farrell, Peter Hansen, Sarah Holland-Batt, Michelle Leggott, Kate Middleton, Jan Owen, Anna Ryan-Punch, Thomas Shapcott, Arathi Sriprakash, Stephen Oliver and Cath Vidler.

The June 2014 issue will be devoted to the pedagogy of Australian and New Zealand literature. Most of the prospective articles have already been invited but we do have room for one or two articles in specific pedagogical occasions (a course, a class, a syllabus) in the teaching of Antipodean literature. 


The December 2012 Antipodes contains articles by Oliver Haag and Danica Cerce (on Aboriginality); creative nonfiction by Angelina Saule and Bev Braune; an interview of John Hughes by Stephen Mansfield; articles by Mansfield on Hughes, David Callahan on Gail Jones, George Watt on Patrick White, Binoy Kampmark on the Northern territory intervention, and Luma Balaa on Lebanese-Australian literature, and Jean-Franšois Vernay in conversation with Sallie Muirden. 


The June 2012 Antipodes contains interviews with Tim Winton and the late Laurie Clancy; fiction by Lara S. Williams and Kevin Roberts; articles by Salhia Ben-Messahel (on Winton), James Dahlstrom (on Rolf Boldrewood), Amanda Kane Rooks (on Aboriginal anthologies), Sue Ryan-Fazilleau (on aboriginality in film), Peter Mathews (on James Cowan), Jean-Franšois Vernay (on Peter Kocan), and Shaoyang Zhang (on Kevin Hart and Georges Bataille); plus creative nonfiction by Brenda Walker and memoir by Laurie Hergenhan.


The December 2011 issue of Antipodes is a themed issue on transnational Antipodeanism, including cover art by John Pule, an introduction by Nicholas Birns, essays by Gillian Dooley on Iris Murdoch, Katherine Hallemeier on Rey Chow and Brian Castro, Elizabeth Hicks on writing from the Blue Mountains, James Dahlstrom on Rolf Boldrewood; creative nonfiction by Ouyang Yu, Zhao Chuan, Petra Kuppers and Jeremy Fisher; and creative non-fiction by Stephen Oliver. 




The June 2011 issue of Antipodes is a themed issue on Asian/Australia Connections, edited and introduced by Alison Broinowski, including an essay by Wenche Ommundsen on migrant literature and multiculturalism, essays on India/Australia literature by Paul Sharrad, Deb Narayan, and Santosh Sareen, essays on China/Australia literature by Ouyang Yu and Wang Guanglin and three interviews by Ouyang Yu with a publisher, an academic, and a writer, essays by Alison Broinowski and Yasue Arimitsu on Japan/Australian literature. Broinowski's essay also covers Singapore.


The December 2010 issue of Antipodes is a special issue on Latin American connections, featuring cover art by Ash Keating,  an editorial by Nicholas Birns and articles including Juan de Castro on Borges and Buarque; Michael Jacklin on Spanish-language Australian literature; Maria Takolander on magical realism; Stuart Cooke on Indigenous Australian and Mapuche poetry; Andrew McCann on Bola˝o and Tsiolkas; Bridie McCarthy on radical alterity; James Halford on New Australia; and Vivian Smith on Douglas Stewart. We also include fiction by Julie Chevalier and Prue Gibson; and poetry by Stephen Edgar, Lynda Shevallar, Geoff Page, and Diane Fahey.




Antoni Jach, The Purple Road & the Angry Sky (Kinglake Bushfire series), 2009, oil on linen, 50 x 50 cm.

The June 2010 issue of Antipodes contains cover art by Antoni Jach as well as an essay by Jach on his bushfire paintings; essays by Dorothy Jones on Marion Halligan, Dunya Lindsey on Henry Handel Richardson, Marthe Reed on John Kinsella, Anouk Lang on "troping the masculine" and Shaoyang Yang on Kevin Hart and Emmanuel Levinas; an interview of Kevin Hart by Pradeep Trikha; Carmel Bird interviewed by Naomi Britten; Toby Davidson on Ada Cambridge and mysticism; creative nonfiction by Bev Braune; short fiction by John Kinsella and Peter Corris; poetry by Kevin Hart, Jill Jones, John Tranter, and John  Mateer; Alexandra Collier reviewing Lally Katz's and Cynthia Troup's A Quarreling Pair; and Faye Christenberry's bibliography of Australian and New Zealand literature published in North America in 2008. 


The December 2009 issue of Antipodes features cover art by Clarice Beckett; articles by Peter Mathews on Japanese Story; Giselle Bastin on Helen Garner; Erica Hateley on Jindabyne; Deb Narayan Bandyopadhyay on Patrick White; Jason Ensor on publishing history; James Clements on Patrick White; Huang Dan on Ouyang Yu; Helen Hewson on Clarice Beckett and John Shaw Neilson; Ruth Feingold on the Royal Tour; a review essay on The Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature by Daniel Vuillermin; an interview of Hsu-Ming Teo by Alison Broinowski; creative nonfiction by Bev Braune and Stephen Oliver; and poetry by Connie Barber, Peter Rose and Peter Steele. Faye Christenberry's annual bibliography of Australian literature published in the US will be postponed until June 2010, but a PDF version of the bibliography will be available for download from this website by January 2010.


The June 2009 issue of Antipodes is a special issue on fear in Australian literature and film entitled Terror Australis Incognita?, guest edited by Nathanael O'Reilly and Jean-Franšois Vernay. The special issue contains articles by Elspeth Tilley on white vanishing texts; Roslyn Weaver on speculative fiction; Gay Breyley on Indigenous and 'National' fears; Catriona Ross on Asian invasion narratives; Donna Coates on WWII women's fiction; Deborah Madsen on national fears, racial loathing and Chinese writing; and Theodore Sheckels on fear in Peter Weir's films; fiction by Graham McKenzie and Andy Potter; creative nonfiction by Ouyang Yu and Elizabeth Bernays; poetry by Anne M. Carson, Sarah Day, Michael Farrell, Yve Louis, Anthony Lynch, Andrew Sant, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, and others, and book reviews.










The December 2008 issue of Antipodes contains cover art by Margaret Olley; essays by Mark Kipperman (on Fergus Hume), William Sayers (on lexicography), Lyn McCredden (on Lindy Chamberlain), Katherine Bode (on Roger McDonald), Fiona Probyn-Rapsey (on witnessing), Helen Gildfind (on Janet Frame), Gaetano Rando (on migrant writing) and Bernadette Brennan (on Noel Rowe and Alex Miller); fiction by Simon Baker; creative nonfiction by Anne Collett; an interview of Kevin Hart by Pradeep Trikha; an interview with Jean Kent by Christopher Lee; as well as poems, reviews, and short fiction.


"Four Wheel Drive," by Prudence Flint.

The June 2008 issue of Antipodes is a special issue in honor of Brian Kiernan. Contributors include Vivian Smith, Michael Wilding, Frank Moorhouse, Peter Quartermaine, Stephen Oliver, Patrick West, Michael Ackland, Bruce Bennett and Nicholas Dunlop, with cover art by Prudence Flint.



"Passageway," by Kerry Johns.

The December 2007 issue of Antipodes includes essays by Stuart Cooke on 'eventing,' Ralph Crane on Hugh Atkinson, Monique Rooney on Arnold Genthe, Paul Mitchell on Kevin Hart, Alison Bartlett on Inez Baranay, Jill Durey on Trollope's colonial fiction, Karenlee Thompson on C.J. Dennis, and E.A. Benrays's "Home Thoughts on a Painting"; fiction by Thomas Shapcott, Christine Williams and Cas McFarlane; cover art by Kerry Johns; poetry by Barry Hill, Lorraine McGuigan, Thomas Shapcott, Ouyang Yu and Nathanael O'Reilly; and reviews of books by Eva Sallis, Reginald Birch, Nicholas Drayson, Richard James Allen and Geoff Page.



"Of Mice and Goodman," by Hu Ming.

The June 2007 issue of Antipodes contains cover art by Hu Ming; interviews with Hu Ming by Ouyang Yu and Jonathan Bennett by Nathanael O'Reilly; essays by Jean-Franšois Vernay (on Christopher Koch), Susan Bradley Smith (on Miles Franklin and Australian theater), Nathanael O'Reilly (on teaching Australian literature in the US), Per Henningsgaard (on the decline of regionalism in Australia), Paul Genoni (on Thea Astley), Carol Hetherington (on the AustLit database), and David Sornig (on A. L. McCann and Christos Tsiolkas); stories by Michael Wilding, Christina Houen, and Annah Faulkner; creative nonfiction by Jonathan Bennett; reviews of books by Alexis Wright and Kate James; Madeleine Byrne's Brindabella column of Australian news and notes; and poetry by Rosemary Allan, John Foulcher, Bronwyn Lea, Paul Mitchell, Jan Owen, Peter Rose, Andrew Sant, Chris Wallace-Crabbe and Ouyang Yu.



"Michael the Watch Maker," Oil on Canvas, 138x101cm, by Fu Hong.

The December 2006 issue of Antipodes features cover art by Fu Hong; articles by Michael Mack (on Elliot Perlman), Donald Pulford (on the history wars), John Eustace and Antje Rauwerda (both on Peter Carey), Gary Clark (on Judith Wright), Mary Ann Rygiel (on Malouf and Conrad), Jonathan Highfield (on crocodiles), Emily Potter (on Andrew McGahan), and John Beston (on Patrick White and Willa Cather); creative nonfiction by Stephen Oliver; fiction by Patrick West, Amanda Maxwell and Rosemary Allan; and a full selection of reviews and poetry.












Colin McCahon's art work appears on the cover of the June 2006 issue of Antipodes. McCahon (1919-1987) was a New Zealand artist and university lecturer. His best-known works are wall-sized paintings with a dark background, overlaid with religious words in stark white and  varying in size.

The June 2006 issue of Antipodes contains cover art by Colin McCahon; an essay on McCahon's work by Jan White; articles by Andrew Johnson (on Peter Boyle), Marc Maufort (on aboriginal theater), Bruce Bennett (on spies), Nathanael O'Reilly (on suburbia), Elizabeth Parsons (on children's literature), Toni Johnson-Woods (on pulp fiction), Penelope Ingram (on Ned Kelly); interviews with Chris Kohn, Lally Katz, and Christos Tsiolkas; fiction by Susan Kruss, Cas McFarlane, and Paul Mitchell; reviews of books by Brenda Walker, John Mateer, creative non-fiction by Stephen Oliver, as well as new poetry. 



December 2005 is a special issue on "The Sacred in Australian Literature." Its cover (pictured above) is by Lin Onus (1948-1996), an indigenous man of the Yorta Yorta people. Onus lived and worked in Melbourne, began painting in 1972 and served as the Chairman of the Aboriginal Arts Committee of the Australian Council.


The December 2005 issue of Antipodes includes nine memorial essays on Robert Ross, founding editor of Antipodes; a special set of articles on the sacred in Australia, co-edited by  Bill Ashcroft, Lyn McCredden and Frances Devlin-Glass; contributors include Lyn McCredden, Bill Ashcroft, Frances Devlin-Glass, Andrew McCann, Michael Jacklin, Veronica Brady, Noel Rowe, and Brigid Rooney; reviews of new books by Chris McGillion, Nicholas Jose, Brenda Walker, Gerald Murnane, and John Millett; fiction by Greg Bogaerts, Anthony Lynch, Alison Booth and Michelle Bakar, and poetry by Les Murray and Justin Clemens, cover art by Lin Onus, and Faye Christenberry's bibliography of Australian literature in North America for 2004.

The contents of many back issues of Antipodes are available here.


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