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Australian Public Intellectual Network (API)

Located at Curtin University, the API network is one of the best starting-points for any foray into Australian cultural and literary studies on the web. The website presents new books, offers free downloadable reviews, allows access to all major academic journals with Australian content, and provides information regarding conferences in the field of Australian studies.


Academic Associations

Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL)

"The Association for the Study of Australian Literature promotes the study, discussion and creation of Australian writing." On their website, ASAL provides information about their conferences, publications, and offers a directory of postgraduate research projects.


Australasian Association for Literature

The Australasian Association for Literature is a newly founded group whose goal is to promote scholarship in literature, and a deeper understanding of how literature develops its own ways of thinking about the world.


The Australian Historical Association (AHA)

The Australian Historical Association was founded in 1973 and comprises around 500 members, including universities, libraries and other affiliates. The website provides information about the AHA's conferences and publications. 

Australian & New Zealand Studies Association of North America (ANZSANA)

ANZSANA aims at a strengthening of Australian-American ties. The website mainly provides information about the organization's annual conferences.

British Australian Studies Association (BASA)

The British Australian Studies Association was established in 1982 and seeks to "further the exchange of information and assistance amongst its membership, and to promote work and interest in all aspects of Australian experience and endeavour."

The Cultural Studies Associations of Australasia (CSAA)

The objective of the CSAA is to "promote and coordinate the teaching, study and research relating to cultural studies in Australasia."  The website features information about their conferences, about the affiliated Continuum Journal, as well as extensive collection of links to organizations and journals in the field of cultural studies. 

European Association for Studies on Australia (EASA)

Founded in 1989, the European Association for Studies on Australia "seeks to promote the teaching of and research in Australian Studies at European tertiary institutions." The website contains information regarding the association's activities, resources, publications, conferences, and visiting experts. 


Gesellschaft für Australienstudien (GAST), German

The Gesellschaft für Australienstudien is an interdisciplinary academic association which organizes biennial conferences, publishes collections of scholarly articles, and awards a prize to the year's best scholarly work on Australia. The website offers an overview over publications, conferences, the organization's members and its objectives. 

International Australian Studies Association (InASA)

InASA has one of the most extensive web-gateways to all fields of interest within Australian Studies. Founded in 1995, InASA seeks to "promote links between the Australian and international Australian studies communities." 
The website is a very useful site for anyone researching topics within Australian Studies. There is a section on the organization's newsletter-journal Crossings (online as etext). The website also hosts the following affiliates: JAS; the Australian Studies International Database; the Australian Studies Centre at the University of Queensland.



Australian Studies Centers   

Edward A. Clark Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies

Hosted at the University of Texas at Austin, the Edward A. Clark Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies wants to be "a focal point for academic, artistic, and public interchanges between the two countries. Funded by a special endowment, the Center is launching a variety of programs."


The Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies, Georgetown University

The Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies is part of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington.

Deutsch-Australisches Netzwerk (DEAN)

The DEAN sees itself as an information broker for German students willing to study in Australia.


Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, London

The Menzies Centre sees itself as an Australian cultural link in Britain. The Center organizes public lectures, conferences, seminars, briefings and literary readings about Australian topics. The website features information on their activities, scholarships, publications etc. 

Australian Studies Centre - Barcelona

The Australian Studies Centre Barcelona wants to "promote and facilitate exchange; promote research and interdisciplinarity in the field of Australian studies; provide information on activities in Catalunya and abroad; provide a website."


Australian Studies at University College Dublin

The Australian Studies Centre was set up in the Faculty of Arts of University College Dublin in 1996. The website mainly presents the Center's program and its members.


Australian Studies Centre Thailand

Situated at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, the Australian Studies Centre (ASC) wants to disseminate "knowledge on Australia in Thailand." The website is a gateway for Thailand's Australian Studies. 

Australia Centre, Berlin

Located in Berlin Mitte, the Australien Zentrum seeks to promote Australian-German relations and to showcase Australian knowledge, expertise and dynamism in academic, cultural and policy fields. The website offers an overview over the center's conferences and publications.

Centre for Australian Studies in Wales (CASW)

Website of Australian Studies in Lampeter, Wales. The website introduces the visitors to Australian studies courses at the University of Wales, symposia organized by the Centre, as well as an extensive collection of links and resources to Australian Studies. 

Centre for Australian Studies, Vancouver

The Centre for Australian Studies, the first in Canada, was established at the University of British Columbia in 1997. The website presents the center's activities, mainly the organization of seminars, conferences, and Canadian-Australian academic exchanges. 



ANZ LitLovers LitBlog

An online reading group for Australian and New Zealand lovers of literary fiction.


Journals and Magazines 

Australian Book Review

Australian Book Review is a monthly journal of essays and reviews of new Australian fiction, poetry and literature. It is one of the established journals in Australian literary and cultural studies and was first  published in 1961.
The website features the contents of past issues as well as a good deal of reviews in full-text online.

Australian Humanities Review

Australian Humanities Review is an interdisciplinary electronic journal with a searchable database of past issues. It is peer-reviewed and published quarterly.

Australian Literary Studies

Australian Literary Studies (ALS) is one of the most prestigious academic journals in Australian literary criticism. It publishes critical essays and reviews in the field. The volumes of the past couple of years are available as full-text versions at

Billy Blue Magazine

Billy Blue began life as a magazine, publishing colloquial Australian writing, back in1977. 


The Bulletin

One of Australia's longest-running magazines - if not the oldest one. The Bulletin has a fully-searchable online archive dating back to 2001.

CRNLE Journal

The CRNLE Review is published annually by the Centre for Research in the New Literatures in English, Flinders University.

Eureka Street

Eureka Street is a monthly magazine of public affairs, the arts and theology. It specializes in fresh, independent and stimulating analysis of the key cultural and political issues in contemporary Australia.  Their website includes a full-text archive of past issues back until 2000.


Going Down Swinging

Going Down Swinging is an annual literary magazine featuring fiction, poetry, comics and spoken word, all in one book/CD package. It has been publishing since 1980 to widespread acclaim. 


The new series of HEAT magazine is a literary magazine "renowned for its publication of creative and interpretive writing by Australian and overseas authors." Their website features a table of contents of the current issue, subscription and contribution information, as well as an overview of back issues and their contents.



Since 1979, the Tasmanian journal has published short stories, poetry, extracts from forthcoming novels and essays "on topics of social, environmental and cultural significance." The website contains information regarding current and past issues, subscriptions, guidelines for contributors and the editorial board.


API Review of Books

The API Review of Books is an online monthly published in association with the Journal of Australian Studies. It is produced by the Australian Studies Centre at Curtin University of Technology in association with the Australian Public Intellectual Network. 

Journal of Australian Studies (JAS)

The Journal of Australian Studies (JAS) is a fully refereed international quarterly published by the Australian Studies Centre at Curtin University of Technology in association with the Australian Public Intellectual Network and the University of Queensland Press.

Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature (JASAL)

The Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature is a peer-reviewed journal which is published annually by the Association for the Study of Australian Literature. JASAL publishes scholarly material with an interest in Australian literature or which might be of interest to people working in this field. They encourage comparative studies with other literatures and forms of representation beyond the literary, and are particularly interested in work which challenges received critical paradigms and which contributes to public debates. JASAL is now available online.


Founded in 1940, Meanjin is one of the most renowned Australian literature journals. It is published quarterly and has a long tradition of engaging with issues like "migrant writing, television, suburbia, popular music, the Anzac tradition, and Australia's 'cultural cringe.'" The website has a table of contents of the current issue and offers the same service for back issues since 1996.

New Literatures Review

New Literatures Review is published twice a year. It emphasizes the study of post-colonial literatures, particularly comparative approaches and the application of literary theory to this field. Studies of individual writers and works are also welcome. It focuses on writing in English, but extends to other literatures working out of cultural dynamics in dialogue with neo/colonialisms



Southerly is Australia's oldest literary magazine. First published in 1939, it publishes fiction, poetry and criticism. The website features information on the current issue as well as subscription and contribution guidelines. 


Westerly is published annually at the Centre for Studies in Australian Literature in the English Department of The University of Western Australia and was first published in 1956. On the website one can browse and search the contents pages from issue one onwards. 

Australian Literature Online


The AustLit gateway is an invaluable source for research in Australian literature. AustLit is a non-profit collaboration between eight Australian Universities and the National University of Australia providing authoritative information on hundreds of thousands of creative and critical Australian literature works relating to more than 67000 Australian authors and literary organizations. Its coverage spans 1780 to the present day.


National Library of Australia

The National Library of Australia offers one of the most extensive collections of links to websites in the field of Australian Studies available on the web. 


OzLife is the Australian biography and book review index. It provides access to the citations of articles, either biographical or book reviews, in major Australian newspapers and journals. Records have been added to OzLife since July 2000 and the collection grows by approximately 8000 records each year. 


The Ozlit web pages are an excellent starting-point for research in Australian literature. They have more than 500 pages of Australian Literary information as well as more than 1100 entries in a fully searchable Database. 

Perry Middlemiss's Literature Site

Perry Middlemiss's gateway to Australian literature offers websites dedicated to dozens of Australia's most renowned writers. Other sections of the gateway are on literary prizes and Australian poems. 

Project Gutenberg Australia

The Australian branch of the Project Gutenberg has put more than 6000 etexts online. Classics by writers such as Marcus Clarke, Henry Lawson and Rolf Boldrewood are amongst them. An indispensable resource for anyone doing research in the field of Australian literature.


Classic Australian Works

Classic Australian Works is great news for every lover of Australian literature. The project hosted by Sydney University Press, as their website says, "features books that should always be available for readers and students as part of our national cultural heritage. These works retain their influence and impact, the richness and quality of their writing, and their importance as a record and reflection of Australian life and perspectives, but have disappeared from traditional publication." Classic Australian Works uses digital printing technology to print books on demand and deliver them to consumers worldwide.



Aboriginal Studies Press

Aboriginal Studies Press (ASP) is the publishing arm of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). They are a leading publisher of research into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures. Their aim is to publish up to twelve new titles written by outstanding authors in the area of Indigenous studies.


Australian Book Web

The relaunched website of the Australian Book Web aims to be "the most useful Australian book resource there is." 



Offers millions of out-of-print copies of Australian books.


Asian Australia

Banana Pages

Banana Pages: Studying Asian Australia is one of the best resources on Asian culture in Australia on the web. The site is maintained by Tseen Khoo and seeks to document Asian-Australian studies in the arts, including literature, film, criticism, popular culture, and visual art. 


A Bibliography of Australian Literary Responses to 'Asia'

A Bibliography of Australian Literary Responses to 'Asia' is a very comprehensive collection of responses compiled by Lyn Jacobs and Rick Hosking. This bibliography records Australian literary responses to Asia in poetry, short-stories, novels and plays, from the beginnings of the colony to 1995, and forms the basis for an on-going bibliographic study.  


University of Washington Library Guide to Print & Electronic Resources on Australia

Link collection on Australian studies - excellent virtual starting point for doing research on Australian literature and culture.



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